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  • Rob Jones

Join Us for the Official Launch: It's Cider Time at The Worcester City Home Ground!

Hey cider-loving champions and football fanatics alike, it's time to rally the troops and raise a toast because Peopleton Press is back with another crowd-pleaser: Peopleton Press 1 - The Dry One! As your trusty local cider aficionados, we're thrilled to announce the completion of our trio of tantalising tipples, each one packed with more flavour than a winning goal celebration!

From 7 to 52, and now 1: The Triple Threat! 🍎🍏

First, we introduced you to Peopleton Press 7 - Medium 5.2%, a cider so delicious it's practically guaranteed to score a hat-trick on your taste buds! Then, we upped the ante with Peopleton Press 52, the Medium Dry sensation that's been flying off the shelves faster than a striker on match day.

Now, by popular demand and with the spirit of champions fuelling us forward, we present to you Peopleton Press 1 - The Dry One! This cider is drier than a goalkeeper's gloves on a sunny day, delivering a winning blend of crispness and character that'll have you cheering for more with every sip.

Join Us for the Official Launch: It's Cider Time at The Worcester City Home Ground!

Mark your calendars and lace up your cider-drinking boots because we're kicking off the official launch of Peopleton Press - The Dry 1 at none other than The Worcester City Home Ground, Claines Lane! And guess what? We've got a match that's bound to get your spirits soaring:

Worcester City vs Emley AFC in the Quarter Final of the Isuzu FA Vase! ⚽⚽⚽

Save the Date: Saturday 9th March

On Saturday 9th March, join us in the stands as we cheer on The Faithful and raise a glass to the latest addition to our cider family. Stay tuned for ticketing details, because trust us, you won't want to miss out on this winning combination of football fever and cider celebration! Tickets available General Sale - Monday 26th February at 10am ⚽⚽⚽

Let's Make It a Goal-worthy Gathering! 🍎🍏

So, whether you're a die-hard football fan, a cider enthusiast, or just someone who loves a good time, we invite you to join us at The Worcester City Home Ground for a day of cheers, goals, and, of course, the finest cider in town. Let's make it a match to remember and a cider-tasting experience that'll have you shouting "GOOOAAAALLL!" with every sip!

See you at kick-off, cider lovers! Let's raise a glass to victory and the irresistible magic of Peopleton Press's craft ciders! 🍻⚽

Have you tired it yet? Be amongst the first tasters Buy Peopleton Press Dry 1 - Today!


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