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  • Helen Davies

The green one! Have you tasted it yet?

What is it?

Craft Cider makers Fryer and Rob have been busy mixing and concocting.

They have created the perfect Medium Dry Cider: "#52".

Still made with hand selected apples from the heart of Worcestershire, this cider was made following feedback we had from our devoted Peopleton Press fans.

How's it different?

It’s medium dry, so not as sweet as The Original 7 Peopleton Press Cider.

Why did you make it?

We made it because some drinkers prefer a dryer taste.

The prototype was a bit strong at 7% so we toned it down to a manageable 5.2% (same as 7) and it now has a fresher feel and moreish aftertaste.

Has it been popular?

Very popular with our regulars. Some prefer it to 7. Some prefer 7. Some like both

We call it 52, due to the 5:2 mix of apple varieties and because we deliver 52 weeks a year.

FREE DELIVERY across Worcestershire 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year

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Philip Andrews
Philip Andrews
Jul 31, 2021

Hi lads ,do you still sell your 7% .Phil.

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