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Atomic Cannon Game Full Version Free Download




It is a CD-ROM game that is playable in Microsoft Windows. Atomic Cannon is a top-down shooter in which you control one of six Atomic Cannon squads and destroy the enemy by blasting them with the projectiles fired from your cannons. The game offers a two-player multiplayer game mode. This is a function that allows the players to play the game by themselves and to play with a friend as a team, such as the mode Proving Grounds (where one player plays as the cannon and the other as the gunship), with the "best" person on the team winning. Contents Gameplay Atomic Cannon is a classic top-down shooter in which the player controls one of six atomic cannon squads. The player has to destroy enemies with the missiles fired from the cannons. To do this, the player must move the cannon to an enemy, then aim the cannon. The player then controls the cannon movement with the keyboard and left mouse button. When the player moves the cannon, the missiles are also moved in the direction of movement and fire when the cannon is in the correct position. The player can fire missiles to the left or the right (or move to the left or right), if the missiles is in the same direction as the cannon's movement. The game consists of four worlds, each containing eight levels. Each level consists of nine cannon shots. There are two types of enemies in the game: gunships, which attack the player by firing at the cannon's missiles, and ground-based enemies, which move to fire on the cannon. While the player fights the ground-based enemies, three gunships will appear. The enemies fire at the cannon's missiles and each shot must be destroyed in order to continue. Gunships will appear periodically to fire missiles at the cannon, and they will fire if the cannon is out of range. If a shot misses, the cannon will not fire, but the shot will return to the cannon at the same time as the next shot. If all shots miss the enemies, they will continue to fire. Throughout the game, the cannon will have a number of missiles and a supply of explosive. The number of missiles and the supply of explosive is decreased each time the player loses a life. If the cannon is destroyed, the cannon's missiles and supply of explosive are lost. After each cannon shot, there is a loading screen where the number of missiles and explosive is displayed. A second loading screen is displayed when the cannon's shots are missed. The



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Atomic Cannon Game Full Version Free Download
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